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Christina Memoli



As an artist I am continually working with the themes of emergence, transformation and realization. My interests gravitate toward human figures emerging from organic forms. I like to explore the parallels between the spirit of human and nature’s growth and have their point of convergence stemming from the same life force.


Movement of the body and its energetic intention is another fascination of mine. Humans are complex beings; multi-dimensional, and our body language is a powerful tool of communication. Through visual expression of the body’s movement I believe one can witness communication on many different levels. My hope is to convey some of this internal dialog through my painting.


My art is always a work in progress. The process has provided me the opportunity to experience a new found openness and vitality to which I am eternally grateful.

About the Artist: 


Christina Memoli is the Administrative Director at the Community Music Center of Boston, and has been teaching art through CMCB’s outreach program for the past two years. She received her MALS degree in Art from Wesleyan University and BA degree in Art History and French from the University of Connecticut. She currently is studying Massage Therapy at the Palmer Institute of Massage and Bodywork in Salem, MA.

Featured Visual Artist: 
Season 6, Concert 2: Thursday, January 26, 2006