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Cynthia Kollios



My creative process is initially driven by a fascination with a particular object or image. It can be a bit obsessive at times. I suppose the things that resonate with me are somewhat emotionally loaded: sometimes in a direct route relating to family history and cultural background. This is most apparent in the Greek imagery (from my father’s side) but I’ve also used old family photographs from my mother’s side as well to explore the past.


Other ideas come from a connection to a place I’ve travelled to—Greece, Italy, Portugal, Kentucky, where Robert is from. Many objects are tokens and treasures I’ve brought back that I’ve chosen to work with. Memories wrapped up in an object. A stone, a dried plant pod, a shard of pottery.


The object is a place to begin. I start exploring with my own tools and artistic vocabulary—movement of line, framing things in a way to contain the space, different viewpoints existing in the same plane or time. The iconography varies, but I am frequently drawn to mapmaking symbols and imagery, the written word, architectural forms, vases (Greek vessels especially) and animals (birds and dogs).


From being fixated on one type of central object in a set of work I’ll find a thread or line that morphs and grows into another theme in a different set of pieces. The idea of line is constant: the richness of how it reacts to the paper and the wiping away and redrawing or restating an outline of thought. The journey often takes me in a different direction than I initially mapped out, which is really what it’s all about for me. Where the new path leads is a constant joy of discovery, of the object, the piece, of my relationship to it.

About the Artist: 


Cynthia Kollios, a Massachusetts native, has exhibited work in Boston, Worcester, and throughout New England in a variety of venues, including several solo, group, and national juried shows. She received her BFA in painting from the University of Connecticut. She is an active member of the artistic community of the Jamaica Plain neighborhood where she lives. She works out of a studio in her home.


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Featured Visual Artist:
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“Mapping Forest Hills with Greek Key” (2010)