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Ling-Wen Tsai



I was born and lived my first 25 years in Taiwan. I believe that identities are deeply rooted in cultural perspectives, although I might not be always conscious of it. The migration, the changing of the time and my locale make me more aware of the origin and essence of the individual’s existence. The essential qualities of different cultures, art forms and materials, and reinterpreting them by blurring their boundaries and expanding their properties have engaged the internal space of mine.

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Born in Tainan, Taiwan


Lives and works in Portland, Maine, U.S.A.


Ling-Wen Tsai (b. Taiwan) embraces many art forms (painting, sculpture, installation, performance, music and dance) without their preconceived boundaries. Her works have been exhibited/performed in galleries and museums such as, International Exhibition of Women’s Art SOHO20 Chelsea Gallery, New York, NY, Regional VI, ARC Gallery, Chicago, IL, Nadadada (Performance Art Festival) Forum for Contemporary Art (current Contemporary Art Museum), St. Louis, MO, MOAK 4 State Regional, Springfield Art Museum, Springfield, MO, Terrain: Sculpture Today, Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA), Portland, ME, Tainan Phenomena, Tainan, Taiwan among many others. She was awarded an artist-in-residence at the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris, France in 2003. This summer, she collaborated with Lior Navok (composer) and Tracey Cockrell (sound artist) to create sound pieces for her most recent performance, “I.C.U.: Intensive Care Unit”, which was performed at Portland Performing Arts Center. Currently, she is working on an installation for George Winston’s solo piano concert.


Ms. Tsai is an Assistant Professor of Sculpture & New Media at Maine College of Art, and has been teaching Sculpture, Installation and performance art. She received her MFA degree in Sculpture from Washington University (St. Louis), B.A degree in Studio Art from Webster University (St. Louis) and B.S. degree in Nursing from Chung-Shan Medical College (Taichung) in Taiwan.

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Season 6, Concert 2: Thursday, January 26, 2006


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