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Morgan Shortell



I use a wide array of cameras and procedures to create large photo montage pieces.  All the images are taken by myself, shot expressly for the work, and used to create colorful abstract textures and layers atop of more clearly defined images.  One of the underlying principles is to use the camera to produce images that are completely foreign to us. This allows the viewer to interpret every aspect of the photograph, with a limited sense of the familiar.  It is an attempt to use photography to document an emotion as opposed to a time or event (as is custom in our everyday life).

About the Artist: 


Born and raised just outside of New York City, Morgan Shortell began experimenting with photography at an early age.  Moving around the country as he got older greatly effected his work and person.  While much of his imagery is inspired by urban settings, time spent living in the desert outside Flagstaff and the old fishing town of Monterey have greatly influenced his eye as well.  When not taking pictures or distorting them, Morgan spends his free time wondering around New York with his dog Luna.


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Season 11, Concert 1 of “The Year of the Noun: Person”: Thursday, November 18, 2010