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Warren Nichols



Since early 2007 I have been creating three discrete bodies of work all inspired by a passage from Euripides’; “Things without mark, not clearly visible, are brought to light by seers, observing fire, and reckoning from birds and the folds of entrails.” These works are meant to encourage contemplation about our common fate. “Auguries” is a series based on organic forms, loosely meant to suggest entrails or other means of prophecy. They are all presented in black and white, just like your daily newspaper. It is currently comprised of 60 of small works on paper and 16 larger works on a variety of media. “The Oracles” series was begun in mid 2008. Originally an attempt to reintroduce color into my work the series is also a meditation on what cannot be heard. The dominant motif is a word balloon on a color field. Rapture, begun in early 2009 portrays articles of clothing, hanging or discarded, in saturated colors and is meant to evoke what we may leave behind. The series consists of works in gouache and ink on rice paper.

About the Artist: 


“Warren Nichols is a long-standing close friend whose constantly evolving, developing and changing work continues to inspire and delight me with its thoughtfulness, insight, imagination and sensuousness.” —Stephen Drury, pianist


Warren Nichols has been creating artworks for over 32 years and has made his home in New York City for the last 27 years… He has created and exhibited specific work with Mr. Drury twice before and is happy to have the opportunity do so again…


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Season 10, Concert 1: Thursday, October 15, 2009