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New Music. New Art. Come Celebrate the Now!

The New Gallery Concert Series presents new pieces of music and visual art, along with the composers and artists who create them.

Founded by Artistic Director Sarah Bob in the fall of 2000, 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, non-profit Massachusetts corporation is in its 17th season and is a major contributor to Boston’s new music community. Your contributions are tax deductible. For details, please consult your tax-advisor. You can view options for contributing below and thank you for your support!


Donate online now:

To mail a contribution send to:
New Gallery Concert Series
P.O. Box 300275
Jamaica Plain, MA 02130

Make other donations of time or services Call us at: 617-254-4133Or email us at:

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Call us at:  617-254-4133
Or email us at:

A Note from Sarah Bob, NGCS Founding Artistic Director
November 2016

Dear Friends,

What a Fall.

It seems that our country is changing rapidly and not necessarily in favor of the arts. Between an intense political climate to rallies of love and peace, we, the people, are tossed about physically, emotionally, intellectually. But what about artistically? Now, more than ever, we need the arts to support us, we need our organizations to thrive in order to re-emphasize peaceful, thoughtful, heartfelt, and sincere exchange.

The New Gallery Concert Series, a series of music and art that celebrates the NOW, one which promotes musicians and visual artists who breathe the same air as you do, feel the same anguish and joy about our current events as you do, who strive for success for freedom of expression and the ability to share it as you do, needs your help in a way unlike any time before in our seventeen years of existence. We are ready to continue our mission of creating a unique community that encourages highly interactive collaborations between musicians, visual artists and members of the audience that makes New Gal one of the most refreshing organizations of its kind. We are here to reflect our surroundings and to encourage our composers, our performers, our painters, sculptors, film makers, multi media artists (and more, more, more) to stay strong in pursuit. The New Gallery Concert Series will not settle for an artistic world that does not leave room for pushing the boundaries. We will not settle for anyone, up and coming or well known, to be stifled. The New Gallery Concert Series will not settle for less.

Our seventeenth season began in our new location, 25 Lowell Street in Cambridge under the single roof of the Cambridge Art Association and the New School of Music. Our first event in November was met with great acclaim from all those who attended. With our new, warm, well lit, and rich sounding venue comes added costs on top of our normal season expenses. Please consider making a tax deductible contribution to our small but mighty non profit. Please consider buying season tickets for yourself, friends, or family as your holiday shopping begins. No amount is too small and together we can keep our arts community alive and strong.

You can make a tax deductible donation online at:

or by sending a check to:

New Gallery Concert Series
P.O. Box 300275
Jamaica Plain, MA 02130

All of us here at the New Gallery Concert Series wish you the very best this holiday season. Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm. We are proud of the community we have built and the one we continue to strive for.

Cheers to the arts of 2017,
Sarah Bob
Founding New Gallery Concert Series Director


JUNE 2016

Hello All,

As a long time artist in the Boston area, I have been an audience member for many different kinds of creative endeavors that span the disciplines in this fine city. I am often reminded that what makes Boston magical is how it attracts superb talent, and how lucky we are to have opportunities to witness this talent in action, and how even luckier we are to have extraordinary people who volunteer their time and energy (and talents!) to organize incredible experiences for us to witness!

The New Gallery Concert Series, about to start its seventeenth season, is one of these extraordinary events. Aiming to create concerts that pair the visual arts with modern music (fields which both require a great deal of commitment and practice, yet rarely if ever occupy the same space), New Gallery Concert Series presents multiple programs throughout the year that stimulate the senses, and open up avenues in our minds for contemplating diverse juxtapositions of sound and experimentation.

We need to make sure New Gallery Concert Series sticks around. Thanks to you and your past support, next season the New Gallery Concert Series will expand. With Cambridge Art Association and the New School of Music as co-sponsors, a show at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, an album actively being worked on as I type, a history of over 65 world premieres with more on the way, and its first composition competition winner performance, NGCS will still provide sounds and sights that are engaging, real, and provocative in a safe and friendly space. Will you consider making a tax deductible donation of any amount before their fiscal year comes to a close next week?

Donations can be made online at:

or by sending a check to:

New Gallery Concert Series
P.O. Box 300275
Jamaica Plain, MA 02130

Moments of the unexpected, the opportunity to help a composer bring work to life, and for the performances to be accompanied by visual art: this is the New Gallery Concert Series. I was thrilled to have been a part of the 2015/16 season and to be a part of an enthusiastic, talented and committed community from the stage to the seats. Please mark your calendars for the seventeenth season and I hope to see you there in their new spaces!

Have a great summer.

Sincerely yours,
Deb Todd Wheeler