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Season 2, Concert 2

Thursday, February 7, 2002, 7 PM 
Featured visual artist:
Boris Alexandrov Ouzounov, painter

Gepetto’s Workshop (1997)
*Michael Gandolfi (b. 1956)
1. A Piece of Magic Wood that Laughs and Cries like a Child
2. Pinocchio Frolics with Punch and Judy, which incites the Menacing Fire-Eater
3. The Magic Cricket Warns Pinocchio of the Dangers Ahead
4. Pinocchio Ignores the Talking Cricket’s Warning and is Chased by the Fox and CatAlicia DiDonato, flute
Alison d’Amato, piano 


Poems by Raymond Carver (2002)
for medium female voice, Eb clarinet and guitar
*Martin Near (b. 1979)
World Premiere 
1. Locking Yourself Out, Then Trying to Get Back In
2. Where They’d LivedJennifer Ashe, soprano
Charisse Graves, Eb clarinet
Jacob Mathews, guitar


Vinyasa (2001)
Kyle Bartlett (b. 1971)
endy emby
Brian McWhorter, trumpet and Aaron Trant, percussion 


In Amerike (1998),
Valley Girl In Love (1997),
Lunar Joe (1998)
Bruce Adolphe (b. 1955)
Gergana Velinova, soprano
Sarah Bob, piano 


Trio for Piano, Violin and Cello (2001)
*Francine Trester (b. 1969)
World Premiere 
1. Moderate–An Introduction
2. Scherzando
3. Slow and Freely
4. With MotionFrancine Trester, violin
Michael Bonner, cello
Eric Sawyer, piano 


* denotes composer was present for concert