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Season 7, Concert 1

Thursday, November 9, 2006 

Performances by the Be Blank Consort and
Members and Guests of the Firebird Ensemble



Featured Visual Artists:
Harriet Bart, John M. Bennett, Michael Basinski, Kathy S. Ernst, 
Philip Gallo, Scott Helmes, Carlos M. Luis, Michael Peters, 
and Wendy Collin Sorin 


Performance Poems
Be Blank Consort
Wendy Collin Sorin, Michael Peters, Carlos M. Luis, Scott Helmes, 
Philip Gallo, Kathy S. Ernst, Michael Basinski, John M. Bennett, 
Bruce Bart, and Harriet Bart


The Black Page
by Frank Zappa (arranged by A. Trant)
Rane Moore, bass clarinet
Kate Vincent, viola
Aaron Trant, drums


Nine Settings of Lorine Niedecker
by Sir Harrison Birtwistle
Jennifer Ashe, soprano
David Russell, cello


UNspoken NOthingness
by Aaron Trant*
made possible by Scott Helmes
Rane Moore, clarinet
Kate Vincent, viola
David Russell, cello


Performance Poems
Be Blank Consort

Lady Chatterley’s Dream

by Jon Deak
Commissioned jointly by the
Minneapolis Artists Ensemble and the
Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Rohan Gregory, violin
Kate Vincent, viola
David Russell, cello
Randall Zigler, bass
Sarah Bob, piano

Scene I:  Clifford’s World
Scene II:  Connie’s World

Scene III:  The Confrontation



* indicates composer present at event