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Season 8, Concert 2

Thursday, January 31, 2008, 7:00 PM
Young Faces of Our Time:
Honoring the Next Generation of Composers and Artists


Featuring visual artists from “Teen Portfolio”, a program of
United South End Settlements’ Children’s Art Centre


A special thank you to the
Argosy Foundation Contemporary Music Fund
for helping to make this event possible.


The Old Photo Box (2006)
by Lior Navok (1971)

  1. The Attic
    Discovering an old photo box up in the attic, drifting into daydreams and reflections.
  2. Monsieur Lepic Missing his Train
    Realizing too late that he has been waiting on the wrong platform…
  3. A Drizzly Evening in Berlin
    Berlin at Evening, dark, cold, dim street light. Walking… ambulance passes by, empty streets.
  4. The Wanted Clown
    Few angry gang-members, a clown, circus, chase, almost drowning, survival, another chase, and…
  5. Shadows Cross Boulevard Saint-Germain
    Parisian café, evening, rain. Who is crossing the boulevard? Is this Satie and his friends?
  6. Kaleidoscopic Daydreams
    Daydreaming, reflecting and roaming between one idea and another.
  7. A Gloomy Man at the Tavern
    A shabby tavern, One man lets alcohol sway him back into better days of childhood.
  8. Practice Room Hunt
    A music student pops into busy practice rooms, trying to find an empty room for herself.
  9. The Cave of One Question
    One question being echoed in a cave, finally asked…

Sarah Bob, piano


delete/control/option (2008)
by Marcos Balter (1974)
Inspired by Sarah Brady and commissioned by
the New Gallery Concert Series
Sarah Brady, alto flute
Rebecca Thornblade, cello


An Unfinished Tale (2004)
Lin Mu-Xuan (1984)
Nicholas Tolle, percussion


Arranged Classic Rock, Jazz and Latin Tunes
The Cello Chix
Susanna Porte & Rebecca Thornblade, cellos;
Nancy Delaney, drums