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Season 12

New Gallery Concert Series

Season Twelve: The Season of Roving

Thursdays, 7pm

Event #1: Children in the Park

November 3, 2011



Featured Visual Artist:  Kendall Eddy, comic strip artist

Featuring the very theatrical Quartet of Happiness and their original music

Rick Stone, alto sax

Kelly Roberge, tenor sax

Sean Farias, bass

Austin McMahon, drums


Sarah Bob, solo piano

performing world premiere selections from

At The Playground (2010) by Emiko Takeuchi


All heard tonight in collage formation:

ii-V-I game-  by Rick Stone

Can You Hear Me Now?  by Austin McMahon

Music History  by Kelly Roberge

The Man From the Music  by Kelly Roberge

The Radio  by Kelly Roberge


At the Playground (2010) by Emiko Takeuchi


I.      Marching with a Toy Puppy

II.     Scraped Knees

IV.     Sleeping Baby in the Swing

V.      Skipping with One Leg


Event #2: DOODLE

January 26, 2012
Part of the Young Composers Festival

Featuring visual artist Tessa Day and her magnetic drawings.


The Crown of Ariadne: Suite for harp, percussion & tape (1979)

by R. Murray Schafer (1933)

I. Ariadne Awakes

II. Ariadne’s Dance

III. Dance of the Bull

IV. Dance of the Night Insects

V. Ariadne’s Dream

VI. Sun Dance / Labyrinth Dance

Ina Zdorovetchi, harp


Kaleidoscope for viola, piano and percussion (2011)


by Mark Berger (1977)

Mark Berger, viola;  Sarah Bob, piano; Aaron Trant, percussion




Frozen Junctions for viola, piano and percussion (2011)


by Lior Navok  (1971)

Mark Berger, viola; Sarah Bob, piano; Aaron Trant, percussion


Recitations pour voix seule (1977-78)

by Georges Aperghis (1945)

8 (left part, vertical version)

10 (left part, first version)


8 (center part, vertical version)

10 (right part)


8 (right part, vertical version)

10 (left part, second version)


8 (horizontal version)



Jennifer Ashe, soprano


Bees and Honey:  May 10, 2012

Featuring photographer Christine Collins


Honey Flyers (2007) by Christine Southworth (1978)

Charles Dimmick and Shaw Pong Liu, violins

Mark Berger, viola

Katherine Kayaian, cello

Christine Southworth, bee sampler


What the Honeybee Knows (2012) by John Howell Morrison (1956)

WORLD PREMIERE inspired by the artwork of Christine Collins

Primary Duo: Sarah Bob, piano; Aaron Trant, percussion




Bee Poem Almost Six Times, Op. 490a (2011-2012)

Praise The Worker Bees, Op. 489a (2011-2012)


Music For Big Bees, Only Louder, Op. 489b (2012)


More On That Same Bee Poem, Op. 490c (2012)  by John McDonald (1959)


Jennifer Ashe, soprano; Sarah Bob, piano; Katherine Kayaian, cello (Op. 489b)


Hive (2007) by Evan Ziporyn (1959)

Eran Egozy and Michael Norsworthy, clarinets; Rane Moore and Evan Ziporyn, bass clarinets


Please join us after the event in the library for a honey sampling reception and a “meet the bee keeper”Q&A made possible by Best Bees, Co. and Follow the Honey!