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Season 4, Concert 1

Thursday, October 16, 2003



don’t look at me. (2003)
for oboe, piano, narrator, tape, and film
Music and libretto by *Jenny Olivia Johnson (1978)
World Premiere
Film art by Ava Berkofsky
Video art by Laura Moran and Ryan McDonald
Miriam Kapner, oboist
Sarah Nadeau, narrator
Sarah Bob, piano

even c (2003)
for video, electronics and Endy Emby
*Brian McWhorter (1974)
World Premiere
Endy Emby
Brian McWhorter, trumpet
Aaron Trant, percussion


La Jetée (1962)
Music by *Aaron Trant (1973)
Film directed by Chris Marker
Aaron Trant, percussion


* denotes composer was present for concert