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Season 4, Concert 2

Thursday, January 22, 2004
Featured visual artist:
Marieken Cochius, sculptor



Love Songs (1999)
Text by Sandra Cisneros
*Jonathan Bailey Holland (1974)

  1. Waiting for a Lover
  2. If You Insist
  3. Useless Moon

Caprice Corona, soprano
Sarah Bob, piano

Osteology (2001-02)
*Michael Veloso (1977)

  1. Plate Tectonics
  2. Primordial Ooze
  3. Ancient Song

Karna Millen, trombone


Le Corps Á Corps (1982)
Georges Aperghis (1945)
Samuel Solomon, percussion


Cassandra’s Dream Song (1970-71)
Brian Ferneyhough (1943)
Alicia DiDonato, flutist


Improvisation (now)
Jorrit Dijkstra (1966)
Based on the visual work of Marieken Cochius
Jorrit Dijkstra, saxophone and electronics


* denotes composer was present for concert